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Fiberglass - Thermoplastic - Acrylic

Pool stair Refinishing


At VM Coatings Inc. we are excited to bring you a unique system that we have developed for old, faded, damaged fiberglass, thermoplastic and acrylic pool stairs. VM Flex Coat is extremely durable due to our 4-layer process and an elasticity finish that will move with your stairs to resist cracking, chipping, peeling, scratching and chalking. We work with your existing stairs leaving your landscape intact, making what was once old look new again with 8 colours to choose from.

Our parent company, Vinyl Masters Inc., has been focused on repairing, refreshing, and resetting vinyl liners across Southern Ontario for over 25 years.  Through Vinyl Masters Inc. we have built a reputation for industry leadership in the pool service field, establishing ourselves as the only trusted team of service technicians authorized to do warranty repairs on behalf of several major pool liner manufacturers.  

Due to the success of Vinyl Masters Inc. we sought out the most effective way to treat fiberglass, thermoplastic and acrylic pool steps. We are only willing to put our name behind products and methodologies that we are confident will satisfy our customers. With that in mind we created VM Flex Coat to provide Southern Ontario with what is assuredly the best approach for refinishing pool stairs. Contact us today with any inquiries. 

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